Cream and mushroom sauce

 Cream and mushroom sauce
  • Champignons 100 g
  • Cream 300 ml
  • Bulb onion 1 piece
  • Wheat flour 1 tablespoons
  • Desertnyi Osoblyvyi 40% margarine, from TM Mako 50 g
  • Refined sunflower 4 tablespoons
  • Salt
Method of cooking
  • step 1

    Finely cut peeled mushrooms in those pieces that you want to see in your sauce.

  • step 2

    Cut the onion in cubes. Fry onion in sunflower oil till golden colour.

  • step 3

    Then, add champignons to it and fry under a lid till the moist is evaporated.

  • step 4

    On another frying pan, melt margarine and stir in a spoon of flour to eliminate formation of balls. If you want to make a cream-coloured sauce - at first, fry the flour (on a dry frying pan), and than add margarines, in order to make a sauce less thick, limit to a tea spoon of flour.

  • step 5

    Pour in cream and stir thoroughly. The sauce shall be cooked on a slow fire constantly stirring and do not let it boil.

  • step 6

    Add mushrooms fried with onion and stir the sauce within 3 minutes, if you think it's too thick - dilute with milk and boil for several more minutes.

  • step 7

    Pour into a sauce boat and serve warm.

Presentation of the Company

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