Curd dessert with berries

Curd dessert with berries
  • Desertnyi 40% margarine, from TM Mako 200 g
  • premium grade flour - 2 glasses.
  • sugar - 1 glass
  • soda 1 teaspoon
  • sour cream 2 tablespoons
  • home-made curd 500 g
  • eggs 2 piece
  • vanilla 1 g
  • fresh berries or jam - 1 glass.
  • sugar 5 tablespoons
  • sour cream 3 tablespoons
Method of cooking
  • step 1

    For the filling, grind the curd with sugar, add sour cream, sugar and vanilla, and stir.

  • step 2

    Add eggs into the mass. Whip with a mixer at low speed.

  • step 3

    Add 2 glasses of flour, sugar and margarine, previously ground. Grind manually in chips. Separate 1/3 part and put aside.

  • step 4

    Add 2 table spoons of sour cream to the dough, mix it, if it sticks to your hands too much - add more flour.

  • step 5

    Roll the dough in a form of a ball, take away for 30 minutes to a cold place.

  • step 6

    Put the dough into the pan, make an edge, pour some filling, strew some berries or put some jam, pour some more filling, berries again, etc. You can mix berries or jam with a curd mass.

  • step 7

    Powder shortbread chips on the top.

  • step 8

    Bake at 180 for 40-50 minutes. Let it cool down completely, cut.

Presentation of the Company

Download the presentation — Presentation of the Imperiia Zhyriv.pdf (3902 kb)