About Tasty And Healthy Sandwich

20 March 2014

Nutrition of children has its peculiarities. As the body is formed, they must receive such amount of food that would not only compensate for energy consumption from it, but ensure growth and correct development. We, Ukrainians, like vegetable-oil-containing food very much. So, 90% of people in Ukraine consume mayonnaise on a daily basis. And even more - vegetable oil. Europeans who take great care of their health and calculate every calorie have preferred margarines long ago. They also have vegetable origin.

     In Ukraine, experts of Maselko trademark help solve the dilemma how to combine delicious and healthy. They have developed a formula of healthy nutrition, because they produce a wide range of soft margarines for sandwiches, garnishes and bakery. Maselko is enriched with valuable vitamins and sea salt and is free from cholesterol.  Vitamin A is essential for normal growth, it positively influences on

metabolism in skin and increases tolerance of a body to infectious diseases, and its lack leads to deterioration of sight.  Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant ("youth vitamin") required for strengthening a cardiovascular system, and for slowing down a process of cell ageing. Maselko TM soft margarines are very convenient in using on sandwiches. They are easily spread even when taken right from the fridge.

     The Great Lent has started, and TM Maselko margarines shall become an essential attribute of the Lent diet: they are both good for health and will not let the wallet lose its weight, because they are cheap. So, people who stick to the Lent diet and consume Maselko usually stand out for a stronger health and longer life, for a reason.

 Enjoy it well!

Presentation of the Company

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