Butter Or Margarine?

15 April 2014

In 90's of the previous century, a new product appeared at the Ukrainian market - a soft margarine, and this changed the Ukrainians' mind about traditional butter. One of the pioneers of this market was Runa trademark, later Runa with its sub-brand Maselko. This product received the name of Maselko in 2003. This name was given to it by consumers, by means of the quiz that we conducted, The company managed to realize the idea in conjunction with and thanks to our favourite consumers who by means of recommendations after tasting, by calls to the hot-line every time helped us improve recipes and designs of labels and packages. So, our consumer is a constant partner in development of Maselko.

- So, what is better -- butter or margarine?

- In respect to cardiac health, margarine has an undeniable advantage because the product contains no cholesterol that forms plaques in vessels. Experts on nutritional science and healthy food currently underline another benefit of margarine: it is made of vegetable raw materials and that is why it contains lots of mono- and polyunsaturated fats useful for people.

At struggle with cholesterol, margarine achieved clear victory in Western countries. In Ukraine, even so far, many people consider it a cheap butter substitute. In fact, we require vegetable oils as much as we need proteins and carbohydrates, because they constitute a source of energy and a vehicle for essential substances. Once the body is deprived of them, health problems may appear.

- Do TM Maselko margarines contain no animal fats?

- I'd like to emphasize that the human body needs both vegetable, and animal fats. Spreads from TM Maselko are only of vegetable origins, that is why they help the human skin remain soft and smooth, and the hair - shiny and healthy. Spread from Maselko has nothing in common with its predecessors, the former product known as "margarine" that in essence was a fat for bakery. It is made according to medical recommendations, the major of them include - sufficient content of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, absence of cholesterol, presence of vitamins A and E, sea salt.

 So, enjoy it well!

Presentation of the Company

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