Welcome The Innovation Among Margarines - table margarine "Dlya Kremiv 72%"

29 April 2014

Range of goods of Imperiya Zhyriv and Loren trademark has been recently supplemented with a new item - Dlya Kremiv table margarine.

 This new development from margarine process managers of Imperiya Zhyriv LLC is perfect for making creams and fillings for cakes, rolls, souffles and other confectionery products. Dlya Kremiv 72% table margarine is an extremely up-to-date product capable of ensuring bulk production of high-quality cake products that meet all process requirements and increasing taste preferences of a consumer. This new item from Loren TM is implemented for manufacture of confectionery creams, creamy decorations using sugar syrups, making souffles, cheese curds. Our Dlya Kremiv 72% lower-fat table margarine has a consistence and fat content of butter (spread) and is capable of becoming a complete substitute to this product in this segment without depriving the end product of quality" - Chief Process Manager of the Enterprise, Nelya Khomychuk, claimed.

 The most significant benefits from using Dlya Kremiv 72% table margarine from Loren TM include:

- long shelf life of the margarine allowing to increase the best before period of finished products

- provided the new formulation of a finishing semi-finished product is developed and approved, Dlya Kremiv 72% table margarine may be used as a substitute to Kondyterskyi Premium Lux table margarine, 82% fat content, without increasing rate of application according to the recipe. Moreover, the quality of the finished cream is maintained high.

- the margarine ensures enhanced whipping properties, volume, form persistence of creamy decorations and layered products;

- in manufacture of creamy semi-finished product, Dlya Kremiv 72% table margarine takes the same amount of milk and sugar syrup, as its high-fat analogue and by 25% more than spread or butter, which enables to develop cost-efficient formulations. Dlya Kremiv 72% margarine has good compatibility with various ingredients and fillers. And, it requires no changes in process schemes and equipment for manufacture.

 We improve ourselves on a permanent basis in order to meet most demanding needs of our consumers!

Presentation of the Company

Download the presentation — Presentation of the Imperiia Zhyriv.pdf (3902 kb)