Vershkovyi Margarine From TM Maselko Larger From Now On!

1 April 2014

  Imperiya Zhyriv taking care of their consumers in order to satisfy taste preferences of each of them, once the spring 2014 began, added Vershkovyi Margarine, 400 g, to its line of cooking margarines from TM Maselko.

Now, welcome your favourite Maselko in a large package!

From early spring 2014, look for the NEW PRODUCT from Maselko trademark - Vershkovyi Klasychnyi 60% table margarine, 400 grams, at the store shelves.  Your true kitchen helper became even larger, and more convenient, and its quality and taste as always meet the highest European standards.

   Made according to the original formulation, this Vershkovyi Klasychnyi 60% table margarine in a new package is classics of finest soft cream flavour.

   This is a comprehensive product made according to special recipes, physicians' and nutritionists' recommendations with addition of components maximally useful for human in proportions that will satisfy the most fastidious consumers.

  Vershkovyi Klasychnyi 60 % table margarine by Maselko TM in a new large package is an excellent combination of cream and vitamins with unique flavour of real home-made butter, and is the easiest and really cost-effective way to cook delicious home-made dishes.

 Maselko is a gift from the sun!!!

Presentation of the Company

Download the presentation — Presentation of the Imperiia Zhyriv.pdf (3902 kb)