Manufacture Of A New Product Commences Today!

10 April 2014

On April 10, the plant of Imperiya Zhyriv located in Novovolynsk launched manufacture of a new product - Vershkovyi Klasychnyi 60% table margarine in a new 400 g package.

   The launching ceremony was officially opened by the executive director of Imperiya Zhyriv LLC, Eduard Kostytskyi, who greeted owners of the enterprise on launching a new product. "Today, together with others, I can "touch and taste" our new margarine and I can give it only a positive evaluation. In the next years, I am sure, our production capacity will grow and we will be able to manufacture new products every time at our consumers' option. Imperiya Zhyriv is currently an example of the way one should work, even in difficult economic conditions", - says the executive director of the plant.

CEO of Imperiya Zhyriv, Vasyl Rubchuk, when commenting on the enterprise's activity in current economic conditions, claimed: "Survival is possible only when you understand that you have a well formed team of associates and a development plant, and not for a year, but for 3-5 years at least. On one hand, our country currently undergoes difficulties, and on the other hand, faces extraordinary possibilities. Today's event and the plant's activity in general - this is our recipe for exit from a spring depression and a depression in general. 

Because with a launch of a new product, we hope to update taste preferences of our consumers, grow closer to them,satisfy  their extraordinary hopes. Because with our effective and constructive work today, we have demonstrated that we are able to work for our consumer by manufacturing really high-quality and European product."

   According to Nelya Khomychuk's story, this new products is a margarine with prominent individual taste in a package available for a consumer.  This is a comprehensive product made according to special recipes, physicians' and nutritionists' recommendations with addition of components maximally useful for human in proportions that will satisfy the most fastidious consumers. Vershkovyi Klasychnyi 60 % table margarine by Maselko TM in a new large package is an excellent combination of cream and vitamins with a unique flavour of real home-made butter, and is the easiest and really cost-effective way to cook delicious home-made dishes.

   By the end of 2014, Imperiya Zhyriv company intends to manufacture ten thousands of tons of the new margarine. 

Presentation of the Company

Download the presentation — Presentation of the Imperiia Zhyriv.pdf (3902 kb)