Still Young And At The Same Time Adult Employees Of Imperiya Zhyriv

13 June 2014

They say, that in order to understand business activity of a person, one shall take an excursion about the enterprise along with a teacher, or visit it, if your parents or relatives works there.

Because during the excursion about the industrial enterprise one may learn a countless number of interesting things:  familiarize oneself with operation of shops, find out where the enterprise receives raw materials, what products it manufactures, where they are sold and how they are used in household.

 Imperiya Zhyriv company and Maselko trademark, in order to entertain, at least somehow, children in summer, when the school is over, and there are 3 entire months of vacation ahead, and give them new and unexpected emotions, new knowledge, and help decide on their future profession - organized exciting excursions about the manufacturing facility.

Thus, since early June 2014, Imperiya Zhyriv and TM Maselko have been gladly receiving pupils of various age from schools of Novovolynsk. All of them, according to their teachers, look forward to meeting Maselko, because they know about its products from events wherein our company took part for many times.

And here the long-expected moment of connection came. This grown-up, not childlike look of every kid studied all manufacturing processes so attentively, and curiosity and desire to learn something new came out with extraordinary questions. It seemed that though they were just kids, but having put on those white robes and hats (a mandatory attribute for everyone who visited the manufacturing facility) - they felt like real adult employees of Imperiya Zhyriv. 

Presentation of the Company

Download the presentation — Presentation of the Imperiia Zhyriv.pdf (3902 kb)