Imperiya Zhyriv Holds Annual Workshop For Official Distributors Of TM Maselko.

9 September 2013

On September 07, 2013, our company celebrated six years from its establishment. It has become a tradition to carry out a workshop for official distributors of TM Maselko every year, share our achievements and plans.

Beside celebrating an anniversary of its brand, Imperiya Zhyriv also looks into the future, building ambitious plans in connection with their partners.

A media strategy of TM Maselko development for 2013-2015, and a commercial video the company intends to broadcast at national TV channels were presented to the participants. All those who wished so, could participate in discussion of the video and express their opinion concerning impressions from viewing it.

After the discussion, the traditional National Ukrainian Campaign was summarized, and winners were awarded prizes from TM Maselko.

After the official part of the workshop, a holiday banquet was held where the participants could communicate in an informal atmosphere and take part in joyful holiday entertainments.

"Our activity would have been impossible without trust and respect of our customers. We appreciate that and try to develop and maintain sincere relationships" - the CEO, V.O. Rubchuk, claimed.

Presentation of the Company

Download the presentation — Presentation of the Imperiia Zhyriv.pdf (3902 kb)