LOREN Вuterbrodnyi 40% Table Margarine

Low-calorie (fat content 40%), light-yellow, with a pleasant creamy taste is widely used in cooking and baking production.

  • Calories: 362 kCal/100 g
  • temperature melting: 25-36°С
  • wrapper: corrugated box
  • 20 kg

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Advantages of use:

- it has excellent organoleptic properties;

- it is used in diets;

- provides a good lifting of yeast products, has a pleasant taste and aroma of the finished products;

 -margarine is soft and shouldn’t be melted before using that makes it possible to reduce the operation in the technological process;

- shortening of the setting duration of yeast products;

- thanks to smooth consistency and plasticity, margarine equally distributs throughout the dough, introduces air while mixing;

- margarine is a good substitute with higher fat content, the quality of products remains high,volume by weight and output are keeping but at the same time it is possible to save on raw material costs;

- it promotes the formation of the desired structure of finished products;

- universal product for stewing and greasing of forms;

- due to the balance of the ratio of fat and water phases and due to properly selected emulsifier margarine helps to reduce drying process.


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