«LOREN Universal 82%» Table Margarine

Highly specialized vegetable product recommended for various kinds of shortbread production, of short semi-finished products, cakes, pastries and other confectionery products, for the production of which the whipping of margarine is used. Margarine is a blend of high quality natural, refined, deodorized sunflower oil and vegetable fats in solidified condition. A balanced fatty base and presence in the margarine specially selected set of emulsifiers provide high properties of this product.

  • Calories: 741 kCal/100 g
  • temperature melting: 27-38°С
  • wrapper: corrugated box
  • 20 kg

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Advantages of use:

- vargarine improves the rheological properties (elasticity, resilience, stretch) and gas-keeping ability of dough and structural characteristics of the finished products (porosity, friability);

- it saves gustatory and aromatic indicators of the finished product by isolation of moisture and other volatile components during baking;

- vakes it possible to get products with the lack of cholesterol;

- the maximum opportunity to absorb of the air that causes high capacity for aeration (allows to get puffy, saturated with air mass);

- optimal crystallization speed (reduces migration of margarine in products);

- consistency of structural and mechanical properties helps to create a fine-dispersed system, equal distribution of margarine among other components of dough;

- it absorbs more water into mass (margarine + sugar + water) that allows the increase of flour in the percentage ratio to the mass;

- it provides reduction in price of the composition by reducing of the margarine amount, by water entering to the composition and increase of flour as a cheaper raw material. The results of comparative baked goods show that the amount of flour can be increased by 20%, water by 10% when dealing with specialized margarine;

- the ability to retain water and air allows to prevent the pulling of cookies and reduce the baking time;

- volume increase, an additional yield by weight of the finished product;

- manufacturability (doesn't require melting, tempering enough at room temperature);

- provides flexibility of dough and limits the dough formation and swelling of gluten (dough does not pull for a long time);

- presence in the content of special emulsifier helps to create a fine-dispersed emulsion, slows the process of starch retrogradation;

- margarine gives to finished goods a pleasant aroma of butter and taste of pastries because of the presence of composition of heat-stable food aromatizers that retain their properties for the all shelf life of baking;

- recommended temperature used in whipping is 14 ± 2ºС.


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