«LOREN Stolychnyi 60%» Table Margarine

With pure cream flavour, it is widely used in bread baking, cooking and restaurant business.

  • Calories: 541 kCal/100 g
  • temperature melting: 27-38°С
  • wrapper: corrugated box
  • 20 kg

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Advantages of use:

The value of table margarine  «LOREN Stolychnyi 60%» is in the following:

 - hasn’t cholesterin;

- high taste and flavoring characteristics;

- optimal manufacturability of production;

- balance of fatty acids in its composition;

- increased stability to oxidation.

In the production of bread and other bakery products has a number of physical and chemical properties:

 - provides softness;

- promotes the formation of the desired structure of the dough and of the final product;

- provides air creation while mixing;    

- transfers warmness;

- helps to reduce drying process;

- good increases in volume while beating, so it can be used to produce low-calorie biscuits and other bakery products;

- recommended to use it for cooking of boiled semi-finished product: during baking hollows appear in the middle of dough.




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