«LOREN Molochnyi 82%» Table Margarine

High fatty (fat content of 82%) with a pleasant oil-milk taste earmarked for the preparation of bakery, confectionery, bakery products in industrial production and cookery. Margarine is universal and specially designed for manufacture of spritz sorts shortbread biscuits, cakes, short semi-finished and confectionery goods; it has stable and high coefficient of whipping, thereby the volume of finished products increases, gives them the structure of homogeneity, friability, golden color and delicate oily flavor.

  • Calories: 741 kCal/100 g
  • temperature melting: 27-38°С
  • wrapper: corrugated box
  • 20 kg

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Table margarine «LOREN Molochnyi 82%» guarantees high quality of finished goods, optimal manufacturability of production and the possibility of reduction in cost of composition by saving of the quality. Correct using of high quality vegetable fats and refined and deodorized oil and their compositions gave the opportunity to get useful products that meet modern concepts of healthy eating.

Advantages of use:

- high whipping with sugar comparing with analogues;

- the formation of products becomes easier;

- promotes the formation of fine and uniform porosity and getting short structure in the finished product;

- high organoleptic characteristics of the finished product that doesn't become dry for a long time;

- the increase of profitability by using table margarine «LOREN Molochnyi 82%» is by reducing of the amount of margarine, by putting into the composition of water and additional quantities of flour as a cheap raw material that gives extra yield by weight. These corrections allow to preserve the flavouring and aromatic indices and don’t worsen the organoleptic characteristics of the finished goods due to the isolation of moisture and other volatile components during baking.

Presentation of the Company

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