LOREN Cream 72% Table Margarine

A Modern product can provide mass production of high-quality cake goods that meets all technological requirements and growing consumer gustatory preferences. Margarine is used for the production of confectionery creams, cream decorations using sugar syrups, cooking souffles, cheese mass. Table margarine «Dlia kremiv 72%» with reduced fatness of butter (spread) and it is able to fully replace these products in this segment without losing quality of end product.

  • Calories: 650 kCal/100 g
  • temperature melting: 27-38°С
  • wrapper: corrugated box
  • 20 kg

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Advantages of use:

- long shelf life of margarine can increase the shelf life of finished products;

- under the terms of the development and approval of decorating semi-finishing product new composition table margarine "Dlia kremiv 72%" can be used to replace table margarine "Kondyterskyi Premium Lux 82%" without increasing the standards of the recipe, at the same time the quality of the finished cream remains high;

- provides increased whipness, puffiness, good stability of shape of cream decorations and interlaid products;

- in the manufacture of semi-finished goods table margarine cream "Dlia kremiv 72%" takes the same amount of sugar syrup as its high fatty analog and on 25% more than butter that enables the development of special compositions;

- it has good compatibility with various ingredients and fillers;

- the lower cost with high quality of cream products;

- it doesn't require changes of technological schemes and equipment in manufacturing.

Presentation of the Company

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