LOW IN CALORIES SOFT MARGARINE «Buterbrodnyi 40%»with sea-salt and vitamins A, E and D

We all know how it is when we try to make a morning sandwich taking out hardened butter from the fridge. Low in Calories Soft Margarine «Buterbrodnyi 40%» with sea-salt and vitamins A, E and D will never let you start your day with disappointment. For its ductile properties even when cooled, it allows using the product right from the fridge. It perfectly matches taste of fresh bread, and its sea salt enriched formulation will provide the body with daily norm of iodine, required minerals and substances.

  • Calories: 360 kCal/100 g
  • Packing: plastic cup
  • 245 g
  • 480 g
  • 700 g

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Presentation of the Company

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