Margarine for puff pastry «SUPER Paff Pustry 80%»

It is recommended for producing of classic puff goods, croissants and yeast dough and also for puff cookies preparation such as "Skhidni solodoshchi"

  • Calories: 720 kCal/100 g
  • temperature melting: 34-44°С
  • wrapper: corrugated box
  • 10 kg

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Advantages of use:

- vargarine for puff pastry «SUPER Paff Pustry 80%» has necessary characteristics of plasticity in a wide range of operating recipes and is not absorbed by the layers of dough, it is due to their functional characteristics, consistently high quality of main indicators;

- it allows to produce frozen puff pastry and semi finished goods that don't lose their properties after defrosting;

- doesn't require mixing with flour;

- serving as a dividing barrier-film margarine prevents the dough layers from sticking together during the process of multiple sheeting and rolling;

- using of high-tech margarine for puff pastry «SUPER Paff Pustry 80%» provides a high quality puff products that make high rise of baking and distinct thin layers, reducing costs simultaneously;

- increases the shelf life of semi-finished and finished goods.



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