Margarine - Useful Or Necessary?

11 May 2014

An idea about the fact that fat is only harmful is clearly exaggerated. Indeed, a lot of fats not only add a pleasant flavour to food, but are also an element of healthy nutrition.

For example, vegetable oils serve as an important source of energy and a structural material for cells of your body. Moreover, vegetable oils contribute to improvement of cardiac function.

You shouldn't be surprised by the fact that you feel natural traction to fat-containing products, because fats were included into the diet of our ancestors for thousands of year. Nuts and grains containing a large amount of vegetable oils were for them an energy source with a pleasant taste, provided them with necessary mircoelements. Vegetable oils constitute energy for the body, but not the body weight.

What are vegetable oils for us? We got answers to these questions from the Chief Process Manager of TM Maselko, Nelya Khomychuk.

- Ms. Nelya, how do you agree with an idea of exclusion of fats from our daily diet?

- In fact, it is more harmful to deprive our body from fats. I am referring to fatty acids included into the product. There are two types of them in nature - saturated and unsaturated ones. Saturated fatty acids are found mainly in animal fats, unsaturated ones - in fats of vegetable origin. Unsaturated ones are easily digested by the body and do not form debris on vascular walls, and if the body is deprived of such acids, its general development will slow down, health problems will appear. That is why, nutritionists recommend daily intake of at least 1.5 g of  vegetable oils with food.

- What is your opinion of margarines of synthetic origin?

- Let's look for the answer at the example of borshch (tomato-cabbage soup): every housewife when making it uses only natural components. During cooking, they undergo incredible processing. And is the finished borshch a synthetic product? TM Maselko margarine is made in a similar way. It contains natural food ingredients, in particular, vegetable oils that undergo processing (not thermal, unlike in case of borshch!), certainly without losing its naturalness. And saying that margarines are harmful is the same that saying that sunflowers are unsafe. Because we make TM Maselko margarines from sunflower oil.

- Well, TM Maselko margarine is a natural product, but due to what benefits it competes with butter?

- We never set a goal to compete with butter or spread, and we didn't convince our consumer to refuse from them in favour of our margarines. Maselko is a comprehensive product that we make according to special recipes, physicians' and nutritionists' recommendations with addition of components maximally useful for human in proportions that will satisfy the most fastidious consumers. For example, for people concerned with excessive weight, we offer Nizhnyi margarine with fat content only 25%, we add sea salt in Buterbrodnyi margarine to compensate for lack of iodine in the body, Firmovyi is made according to a special recipe with a sophisticated taste of fresh cream, which makes it essential for garnishes and making creams, Yevropeyskyi due to its high fat content - multi-purpose at kitchen, it is especially good for frying as it allows cooking at higher temperature without burning, smoke and splashes, forming a crispy crust. In order to make TM Maselko margarines even more useful, we enrich them with vitamins and microelements, on which our well-being and normal body functioning in general depend. So, there are many important benefits, in particular:

- Maselko is easily spread on bread even when taken right from the fridge;

- just like oil, due to content of natural antioxidants, the margarine has a longer shelf life;

- TM Maselko margarine is significantly cheaper than butter and spreads.     

- But, you must admit that people knew nothing about cholesterol earlier and were healthy, and now they get sick far more often. Why?

- Indeed, diseases mostly come from stresses that have grown much more numerous. Our grandmothers and grandfathers used lots of vegetable food, lineseed and rape oil made by themselves. They didn't suffer from bad drinking water, exhaust fumes, constant stresses, excess of animal food in the diet - that is why they were healthier than us. And now, the most of Ukrainians are not really concerned with what they eat. And what in the result? In Europe, most people have shifted to margarines. There, people live ten-fifteen years longer than us. Let's take a look, for example, at Poland, with which Ukraine has a lot in common. There, the population changed their minds long ago. About 25 years ago, 80% preferred butter over margarines, now it is quite the opposite. Fans of butter comprise only 20%, others shifted to useful soft margarine. Please, not that unlike Ukraine, Poland made and makes natural butter without any additives, without deception. However, the Polish people made their deliberate choice.

- Are there any contraindications to use of margarine?

- Let's recollect products to be excluded during fasting - products of animal origin: meat, butter, milk. Instead, only vegetable products are allowed to be used one of them is TM Maselko margarine.

As a process manager, I shall note that our product is recommended even in those cases when for some reasons a person has contraindications to butter, and as a housewife I assure you: Maselko is a multi-purpose product for cooking. I use it not only for usual sandwiches but as dressing for soups and other meals, frying meat, potato and vegetables not mentioning bakery. A lot of women will agree with me that margarine-based dough appears to be much better than butter-based one. And under current conditions in the state - this is also cost saving! And we should remember that it is vegetarian...

- ... is margarine vegetarian?

- Of course! Margarines from TM Maselko are made EXCLUSIVELY on a vegetable basis. And, given current attitude to fasting, not only, as a religious idea, but as an opportunity to decrease the load on the body - our product is exactly what you need!

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