Dessert with Semolina in a multicooker

Dessert with Semolina in a multicooker
  • Semolina 200 g
  • Sugar 200 g
  • Eggs 3 piece
  • Desertnyi Osoblyvyi 40% table margarine, from TM Maselko, (halfpackage) 125 g
Method of cooking
  • step 1

    Melt margarine in a multicooker, this may be done by turning on any program or mode "Heatup", we will not need to grease the casserole bottom with margarine.

  • step 2

    Crack 3 eggs into the bowl. Add sugar to the eggs and stir thoroughly with a mixer, whisk, or a regular spoon.

  • step 3

    Add a glass of flour into a resulting mixture. Stir thoroughly.

  • step 4

    At the end of cooking, add melted margarine to the mixture, stir again. Put the resulting mass into the multicooker pot. Select Baking program, bake for 60 minutes.

  • step 5

    When the program stops, open the lid of the multicooker and let the pie cool down for 5-10 minutes and take out.

Ready meals

For "chocolate fondant":

- Milk - 4 table spoons;
- Sugar - 4 table spoons;
- Cocoa powder - 2 table spoons;
- Sonyachnyi 72% table margarine, from TM Maselko, 50 g

Cooking method of the chocolate fondant:

Warm up milk, sugar and cocoa till thick consistence.

Let it cool down and whip with margarine. Pour the semolina pie with a finished fondant.

Presentation of the Company

Download the presentation — Presentation of the Imperiia Zhyriv.pdf (3902 kb)